Springboard Capital Ltd is looking for an Assistant Finance & Admin Manager reporting to the Head of Finance and Administration. The role will be responsible for assisting the Head of Finance to manage, administer and coordinate activities in the financial accounting and admin functions of the Finance department.


  1. Assist the Head of Finance in preparations of current Financial reports and forecasts for future business growth including budgets, income statements, balance sheets, tax returns and financial management reports
  2. Assist in budget preparations and expense management programs
  3. Review of financial reports, analyze projections of sales and income against actual figures and suggest methods of improving the planning process
  4. Responsible of cash flow management and supervision of the financial transactions within and outside the Organization
  5. Assessment of the long term financial trends and review prospects for future growth of income and new sales
  6. Review existing financial procedures and recommend improvements or solutions
  7. Assist in the management of performance and development of team members in the department and maintain strong relationships with external stakeholders
  8. Ensure compliance with Company rules, policies and work ethics
  9. Provide solutions on risk management and attend the varied internal committees and advise appropriately
  10. Ensure compliance with all the financial and legal requirements, responsibilities and statutory obligations
  11. Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Commerce or Related Field from a recognized University
  2. CPA(K)/ ACCA
  3. 3-4 years’ relevant experience preferably in a supervisory role
  4. Financial Reporting skills and Analytical thinking
  5. Budgeting and Financial management skills
  6. Strategic and Risk Management skills
  7. Great reporting and presentation
  8. Innovative and Creative
  9. Demonstrated integrity, professional competence and management capabilities


If you are interested in the position, kindly submit your resume hr@springboardcapital.co.ke by Friday 23rd April 2021.