Quick Cash (Emergency Loans)

By Being Our customer, you are entitled to quick cash or emergency loans

When faced with the need for quick cash or emergency funds, reach out to the Springboard Capital Ltd team whatever your emergency situation may be and say, “I need cash fast!



  1. Quick processing within 24hrs.
  2. Improves your credit history
  3. Flat Interest Rate
  4. Get up to KShs. 80,000



  1. Be an existing client.
  2. At least service the existing facility for 3 months with no arrears.


Loan Rates & Fees*

  1. Interest charged at 3.5% reducing rate.
  2. Application fee of KES 1500.
  3. Loan Processing Fee 3% up 12 months.
  4. Credit life 1.5% of the loan amount.


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