We are committed to business advisory and customer education by ensuring our customers not only have the capital to grow businesses, but also the support to ensure their investments thrive now and in the long term. Through expert partner consultants provided at no cost to the business owner, and our internal staff our clients gain access to an experienced team dedicated to helping them and their business succeed. The whole range of business success assistance provided by specialists from different industries and professions is available , and this information is shared through resource articles, one-on-one instruction, coaching, mentoring, Live Q and A, tweetchats and webinars.

Monthly BizSmart Webinars

Springboard Capital hosts monthly BIZSMART webinars every last Friday of the month from 1-2 pm EAT, geared towards sharing knowledge to all business owners. In a constantly evolving environment, business owners who commit to learning new skills will be better able to adapt to change and keep their business going in challenging conditions. Our interactive sessions are designed both for new and established business owners. Each webinar is designed with the objective to build the business owners’ capacity to successfully run and grow their business.

Monthly Social Media Live Sessions

Springboard Live Sessions feature a number of interesting topics which are based on customer feedback and what trends are currently taking place locally and globally. These live Q&A sessions also allow customers/suppliers/citizens/public to ask questions answered in real-time by experts. The social media live sessions either take place through Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

Monthly TweetChat Sessions.

Springboard Capital hosts monthly TweetChat Sessions every first Friday of the month, geared towards sharing knowledge on topical issues with Twitter users. These sessions allow for real time interactions with users who are interested in the topic and in learning. The chats also create a sense of community bringing together and connecting people with similar interests who contribute to the various topics. The TweetChat learnings are normally dubbed as an Online MasterClass owing to them being easy to follow and reference later via the hashtags.

Educational Blogs

The thirst for tools that drive profitable customer relationships remains unquenchable. Education is only one tiny piece of that massive puzzle. Through the Springboard Educational blog we help our online users to gain creative ideas for their day-to-day activities and encourage customer interaction. User feedback is sourced to enable relevant and value-adding educational content for consumption.

Physical Customer Education Forum

Springboard Capital offers educational programs to enhance the skills of prospective and existing customers to help them make well-informed decisions to secure business success. Knowledge transfer that begins at onboarding and continues throughout the customer journey ensures customer success. These education fora encompass both general business topics as well as sector-specific engagements for relevance. Experts from the specific business sector are able to narrow down tailor-made knowledge packs for specificity and value. This also allows for networking and partnerships between customers with similar interests, widening the customer’s business base