How Best to Engage Your Customers in 2021

Customer behavior has evolved tremendously since the rise of the Internet, and in particular, since the rise of social media. Customers today expect their relationships with brands to go beyond the use value of their products. Not only has social media become an essential tool for any marketing strategy, but customers also expect their relationships with brands to be responsive on different social channels.

Engagement marketing, as opposed to traditional “push” marketing initiatives, pulls people in by telling stories, fostering conversations, and addressing client needs and interests. The idea is to engage customers in a more meaningful and long-term engagement with a product or brand. Customers have the opportunity to opt out if the conversation is centered on what one wants to sell to them.

Here are five key tips on how to effectively engage customers:

1. Creating a good rapport with clients:

A client will always keep in touch and have a close relationship with you if you do the same. Through this engagement they will be in a position to open up to you in case they are facing any challenges and ask for your guidance and advice. What a joy it is when an existing customer refers a friend, colleague or even a relative and they only do that when you create a conducive environment for it to happen.

2. Offer real value to your clients:

When doing a presentation/introduction about your company, product or service you offer to clients commence with solution-based content. The products should follow later. For instance, if a client needs to know about a financial solution, speak about that before going to the products. With that they are in a position to choose which products they are interested in with your guidance.

3. Offer relevant advice.

Based on the nature of the business of the client and the investment they need to make, as a relationship officer it is important to advise them accordingly. In the case of a business owner who needs to be financed so as to supply, the advice will be based on the previous supply they’ve done and how fast they were paid. With that information advice can be given on whether to take a short term or longer-term loan. Depending on the nature of the business, wise advice on customer matters is always key.

4. Build a community:

Giving customers the opportunity to interact with your business, as well as with one other, is an important aspect of engagement marketing. You can start a dialogue by soliciting feedback and ideas, commenting on hot topics, and bringing customers together in online social-sharing networks .As highlighted by, Tara-Nicholle Nelson, the author of The Transformational Consumer, “You can’t buy engagement. You have to have to build engagement”. 
A good example is Nike who have historically promoted their philosophy of “bringing out the athlete in you” through media advertising. It has recently turned to a more individualized approach to customer care. Rather than focusing all of its resources on a single ad campaign for footwear, Nike now promotes its products by offering workout tips and assisting customers in creating online communities centered on fitness. Nike Plus is a website where you can learn more about Nike and the customer engagement strategies to learn best practice. 

5. Supporting your client’s business:

Every entrepreneur that runs a business has one goal, and that is to make profit. It may lead to business expansion i.e. through opening other branches, outlets and creation of business opportunities. We can help our customers make those dreams come true through promoting them (buying their products) without any hesitation, referring affordable service provides and referring clients to buy from them too. This strengthens trust between individual and the clients since you can only buy what you trust and believe in.

Customer Engagement as a winning business strategy has been tried and tested and found to be very valuable. Businesses and brands need to create their customer engagement strategies using the five tips provided above and the rest of the year will yield better results.

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Article written by Alice Ambok – a Relationship Officer at Springboard Capital Ltd. She is a highly driven and motivated professional who possesses the ability to build and nurture positive working relationships with customers while addressing their needs.

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