Investing in Education- Gifting the next generation?

Many wise words have been spoken about the indelible value and impact of education, and a quote by the great Nelson Mandela espouses this strongly as “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Parents desire the best for their children and African parents more than ever keep striving and toiling to ensure that they provide their children with a lifestyle that is better than the one they have led. Centered in this drive for provision is the need to bequeath their children with decent education.

Education is often viewed in the traditional sense of ‘schooling and going to school’ which in itself has great impact, but the more important and often ignored benefits of providing education is the accompanying growth and development that young people are exposed to through school. This includes not only gaining knowledge and filling their minds with new and interesting things, but also the capacity to develop critical thinking and a curiosity to learn. The more children and young people learn, the more their curiosity is piqued, and the more they develop the drive to discover the world and discover themselves.

The importance of the socialization that comes with children being in school at whatever level (pre-school/primary/secondary/tertiary) cannot fail to be darkly underscored. Children learn how to laugh, to play, to discover friendships and discern true from fake friends, to experience hurt and loss and rejection that are the realities of life that they must learn, as well as to grow the muscle of respecting leadership and submitting to authority that governs the way the world actually works across different spectrums both in business and in the rule of the land. The education experience across all levels is not easy and students will face all manner of ups and downs. It is these challenges that build them and create resilience in them, and can provide the grit and mettle to not give up and take on further challenges the out-of-school world will throw their way. A school environment provides this in a way that is unrivaled, and as children access education facilities they pick up and embrace these learnings.

The other angle that education provides is the opportunity to learn tolerance. Education is an equalizer. The achievements in the education sector whether primary or high school certificates, diplomas, degrees or any other academic or professional achievements know no gender, race, colour, disability, creed, age, socio-economic status or any other parameter that the world often uses to implant discrimination. With the education process as a wholesome experience, barriers are taken down. Students who are willing to learn and embrace change are elevated to understand different people, situations and cultures. The world needs more tolerance and educating children is the ammunition needed to fight the war of imbalance.

With that said, education is a costly affair. Very few governments especially in Africa have succeeded in providing free education that meets the right quality standards to its populace. The money for school fees is a big challenge and forms the cry of many parents across the economic divide. The investment is however called for, and the greatest gift that a parent can give their child is to strive to put them through school that they may become a better person, richer in knowledge, richer in mindset and richer in being a world citizen. Education is an investment at all levels, short, medium and long term and it’s an investment that pays off for life. Parents need to therefore do what it takes to gift the gifts of children that they brought into this world with the gift of education.

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Article written by Carolyne Gathuru (Chief Executive Officer)- Springboard Capital Ltd.

  • Yes education is an investment and just as Benjamin Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. In such tough economic times institutions like yours that help parents and guardians fund their Children’s education, are the silver lining we need in this dark cloud.

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