Springboard Capital

Springboard is a client-centric financial lending and advisory organization. We make it our business to understand and help our clients achieve their business and financial goals

Springboard Capital Ltd shares a rich history spanning over 20 years from conceptualization and 10 years as a formal lending institution. In the year 2000, a group of friends came together and formed a social welfare group with the primary objective of supporting each other on social matters such as education, bereavements, weddings, and graduation ceremonies among others.  Four years later, the group decided to increase its activities to include an investment arm. With the investment portfolio, a company was formally registered with the name of Springboard Holdings Limited with the same shareholders as the welfare group. The shareholders increased their contributions several folds to enable them aggressively venture into various investment activities.

In 2010, the holding company diversified into Credit lending starting with its members on short-term periods. The effective running of the firm led to rapid portfolio growth, and by the close of the year, it had more than doubled. Having realized the potential the lending portfolio holds, members agreed that the lending portfolio needs to be run separately from the investment portfolio.


This led to the birth of Springboard Capital Ltd that was registered in January 2011, to solely handle the Credit lending business. The company has since grown to a fully-fledged Micro Finance institution that offers credit facilities across the country to various customer groups. Springboard Capital Ltd is now over 10 years old and is a testament to the resilience and great vision of its founders.

The Springboard Capital Ltdvision is to transform Kenyans through financial support and economic empowerment and our mission over the years has been to financially liberate Kenyans through offering timely and innovative financial services, nurturing talent as well as growing the shareholder’s wealth. The values and code of conduct for the team that guides the day to day operations include integrity, teamwork, professionalism, creativity, and innovation.


Springboard Capital Ltd has grown with customers over the years we have continuously strived to meet their emerging complex and sophisticated activities that require financing. As a result, there has been the development of a diverse menu of products to meet these needs. With growth comes change and the company continues to widen its capacity to effectively serve all customers well.

Springboard Capital Ltd has recorded great successes and is today a brand that promises its customers and stakeholders discerning and professional services. This substantial progress would not have been possible without the entire stakeholder spectrum including the staff, directors, customers, shareholders, consultants, institutional partners, service providers, and Government. The brand has been carefully and painstakingly built on the premises of the vision bearers’ hard work, teamwork, professionalism, commitment, innovation, sacrifice, and most important of all, remaining focused on the vision.

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