School Fees Loan

Logbook equals School fees

Education is a costly affair. Very few governments especially in Africa have succeeded in providing free education that meets the right quality standards to its populace. The money for school fees is a big challenge and forms the cry of many parents across the economic divide.  The investment is however called for, and the greatest gift that a parent can give their child is to strive to put them through school that they may become a better person, richer in knowledge, richer in mindset and richer in being a world citizen.

For parents and guardians needing a helping hand to fund their children’s education, especially with the challenges brought on by Covid-19, Springboard Capital offers School fees loans at affordable rates and terms.



  1. No maximum or minimum amount.
  2. Up to 12 months’ installments.
  3. No minimum repayment period.
  4. Fixed interest rate at 3.5% per month.
  5. Paid directly to the learning institution.
  6. Paid to Local and International Schools.


  1. Available within 48 hours.
  2. Enables one to address school tuition needs.
  3. Clear your yearly fees, lipa pole pole.
  4. Free bankers cheque.



  1. ID & PIN copies (original ID to be provided for verification)
  2. Certified Six months bank/ Mpesa statements (or both if available).
  3. Proof of a source of income. (Business Records or Latest month payslips for employees)
  4. Copy of national I.D of the guarantors and the KRA pin.
  5. 2 Passport size photos for the applicant, their spouses and the guarantors (where applicable)
  6. Certified Fee Structure.
  7. No CRB Listing.
  8. Proof of schooling. (Report Form, Admission Letter, Student Badge)


Who qualifies?

  1. Parents and guardians paying for their dependents.
  2. Individuals paying for themselves.

Loan Calculator

Sh20,000 Sh2,000,000
Low Interest Loans
1 Year5 Years
Monthly repayments are
Total you will Pay:

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